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Making A Splash With ECO Packaging

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We love where we paddle, and always searching around
the river bend, chasing the horizon to find better ways to
care for our paddleboards and the environment.
We started with developing SUPscrub, a paddleboard cleaner that's as safe for your board and the environment as it is for you.


Do you know what's in your Stand Up Paddleboard cleaner?

Some cleaning chemicals can damage your board, equipment, the environment and you.

We developed SUPscrub to be tough enough to clean the dirtiest of Paddleboards, whilst also being safe for aquatic life, your boards and safe for your skin.  

What Paddlers Say

"I'm Addicted to the Scrub"

To be honest, I had resigned myself to having a stained deckpad. After one deep clean with SUPscrub it looked like new. My next paddle it felt like I was on a new board again. I may now be addicted to cleaning my board - as soon as I see a little mark, I am straight on it"

David Walker @ Paddlelogger

What Paddlers Say

Great Product for SUPs and Foils.

"SUPscrub cleaned my board and foil, and gives a great finish too. Hope it makes the speed increase too"

Ben Pye @SUPCoachingUk

What Paddlers Say

"Love the SUPscrub"

Mark Price @GBSup National Series

What Paddlers Say

"Thank You SUPscrub"

"It's really easy to use, I love the fact there are no bubbles to have to get rid of. Our SUP Boards and OC, together with Paddles, cost a huge amount of money and I believe that SUPscrub is definitely worth having to keep it looking and feeling like new!"

Sarah Thornely @SUPJunkie.uk

Want to Stock SUPscrub?


Use #ImAScrubber to follow the global community of SUP Scrubbers and pick up cleaning tips and hacks.

The Paddlers below are some of the most inspirational individuals pushing the boundaries for SUP in the UK. Give them a click and show your SUPport

A Special Thank You

Many people have been helping SUP scrub get started, and we would particularly like to thank the follow awesome individuals who had dropped everything to help us get started.