Introducing SUPscrub – Innovating an environmentally friendly cleaning and care solution for Stand Up Paddleboards and accessories.

Introducing SUPscrub.

As Paddlers we have a duty to protect the oceans and waterways, protect the homes of the marine life and the environment that as paddlers we call ‘home’. These beliefs are the driver behind SUPscrub, the latest innovation of an environmentally friendly cleaning and care range of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Paddleboarding in the UK has exploded and we are seeing many asking the question of how to clean and care for their new equipment. Not only that, people are using a cocktail of products that are not always safe for their boards, the environment or themselves.

We have decided to bring forward our launch to coincide with World Oceans Day so we can educate paddlers on how to care for their paddleboards and reduce their impact on the environment and aquatic life. We want to SUPport the efforts of World Oceans Day by donating £1 from every Pre ordered bottle of SUPscrub on the 8th June 2020.

Why have we developed SUPscrub?

SUPscrub was started by Ryan Cobb (SUPurban) and Saviour Aquilina (The SUP Store & Saviour Watersports) from the simplest of questions

“What do you wash your Stand Up Paddleboards with?”

At SUPscrub, we believe that as Paddleboarders we need a cleaning product that is as unique as the sport itself. We want a cleaning solution to be tough enough to clean our boards and equipment from the salt, dirt, oils, whilst also being safe for the environment and safe for us to use.

We have combined Saviour’s 7 years experience of shaping and repairing boards with Ryan’s 7 year career as an Environmental Health Professional (must be the 7 year itch) to produce a range of environmentally friendly solutions for cleaning and caring for your Stand Up Paddleboards, paddles and other watersport accessories.  

Under the back drop of Hengistbury Head on the Dorset Coast from within a repurposed boat shed on the banks of the River Avon, surrounded by paddleboards, we are two passionate paddlers, Ryan and Saviour, are innovating, developing and hand filling SUPscrub bottles.

Ryan Cobb, SUPscrub Co founder, said “We #LoveWhereWePaddle, always searching around the river bend, chasing the horizon to find better ways to care for our paddleboards and the environment. SUPscrub is, a wash that's as safe for your board and the environment as it is for you.”


We aspirer to be as sustainable as we can to ensure our impact on our environment is minimal. However, trying to develop and launch a cleaning product in the midst of the global COVID-19 epidemic has had barriers that we have had to work around. Unfortunately due to the increased pressures the UK bottle suppliers are under, to supply cleaning products to key workers, we were unable to source the 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) bottles and trigger sprays we really wanted. Though we have managed to repurpose a number of recyclable bottles that were no longer being used until we can secure 100% PCR packaging.


Our bottles and spray heads are designed to be reused by being refilled time and time again, which we think is far better than recycling. We will be introducing refill options in the upcoming weeks.


Why wash your board? #ImAScrubber

Saviour Aquilina, Co Founder, explained “Watersports are expensive and you are putting your own safety in the hands of your kit. Looking after your equipment makes sense to us. Boards are expensive, ranging anywhere between £300 for an iSUP to over £3000 for a custom shaped race board. Our equipment is open to the elements and submerged in the salty sea and muddy river water. This combination can make paddleboards, dull in appearance, discoloured and often a little smelly. Cleaning your paddleboard can extended the life of your equipment and prevents unnecessary damage.”  

The Eco Paddleboard Wash is safe to clean any surface designed to be used in the water (so that includes all your watersports crafts and accessories too). The wash is biodegradable too, meeting stringently high environmental criteria to ensure it’s safe for aquatic life whilst also being safe for you.  

Why Use SUPscrub? #WatchYourWatch

Products from the boat and marine industry were not what we needed for paddling, they contained harsher chemicals than we needed. Not only potentially causing damage to our equipment and health, but also the environment. Just have a look at the labels of the products out there. You will see various warnings; being corrosive, causing severe skin burns, an irritant and not to breath in. We weren’t ok with using products where we needed to wear gloves, goggles and masks to wash our equipment. Furthermore what does this do to our equipment in the long term and what are the impacts of using these chemicals in our gardens, driveways and on the waterside? Your wash ends up somewhere? Do you know the potential impact it might have on the environment?

SUPscrub’s ECO Paddleboard Wash is uniquely effective for cleaning watersports equipment. We have developed a product that removes all the salt, dirt, grime, silt, oils and grease from the surfaces of our boards and deck pads and returns the surface of the board to its original condition. Whist also being safe for the environment and the user.

What can SUPscrub be used for?

The Eco Paddleboard Wash can be used for any surface that is designed to be used in the water. We Have been using it on both our hard and inflatable SUPs, our paddles, whilst out team of Scrubbers have been cleaning their foils and canoes.

Pre Launch Pre Orders

SUPscrub’s launch is to coincide with World Oceans Day 8th June 2020, allowing us to educate paddlers on how to care for their paddleboards and reduce the impact on the environment and aquatic life. We aim to also SUPport the efforts of the charity by donating £1 from every pre-ordered bottle of SUPscrub on the 8th June 2020. You can also pre-order our range of handmade organic and sustainable bamboo cleaning and polishing cloths and our Eco cleaning brush, which is ideal for your deck pads.

Pre orders will be dispatched before our official launch date later in the month.