How to Clean and care for your a Solid Stand Up Paddle Board SUP

Cleaning your Paddleboard with SUPscrub, the Eco Friendly SUP cleaner, is super easy. Order the SUP cleaning  bundle and follow the 5 phases for an effortless clean SUP.

How to clean your Solid Paddleboard 

Reach: Rinse your board and equipment with fresh water to remove any excess dirt.

Catch: Start with the deck pad by applying SUPscrub directly onto the area you are cleaning. We recommend cleaning sections at a time to make your SUPscrub last longer.

Power Phase: Use a soft bristle scrubbing brush to work the SUPscrub into the deck pad and the cloth to apply to the surface of the board. Don't use the brush to clean the hard surface of the board as this may cause damage to the surface.

Release: Rinse the board with clean fresh water to remove the dirt and grime SUPscrub has released from the board.

Recover: Dry your board with a clean drying cloth or allow to air dry.